Cliff Hauptman

The Fly Fisher's Guide to Warmwater Lakes is a completely new edition of my Finding Fish, keyed to a fly fisherman's needs. The book explores cover, structure, and the shorelines of lakes and ponds; light - the daily variable; the yearly cycle of lakes; the biology of bass, pickerel, and other species; best flies - and how best to use them; practical fish-catching advice. Nearly 100 helpful line drawings and black-and-white photographs, and an added color insert of proven flies, enhance the value of this important down-to-earth handbook.


"I've always believed that to catch fish consistently in lakes you must be able to locate them and understand why they are located there. It has taken me a lifetime of study to discover and learn these facts. Now, this book can make that an easy task for you, too."

--Dave Whitlock


"Cliff Hauptman has rendered two decades' worth of proven angling knowledge to this book's essence. What's truly important for successfully fishing our warmwater lake species is all here."

--Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine


As any angler knows, you've got to find fish to catch them. You'll do it quicker, and enjoy it more, anywhere in the United States, if you follow the simple instructions and sketches in this book."

--Homer Circle, Angling Editor, Sports Afield Magazine


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