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Bob Weintraub

Bob Weintraub's delightful baseball stories are collected in two books: Painting the Corners and Painting the Corners Again. Not only does Bob know baseball, but, more importantly, he knows how to write about baseball. In addition, he has a wonderful sense of humor and irony and can consistently throw a mean literary curveball. His short stories are as compact, intimate, and exciting as Fenway Park.

Bob has also recently written a crime novel, My Honorable Brother, centered around gambling in Rhode Island.

Visit Bob's website here.



Ron McAdow

Ron McAdow's canoing guides to the Charles River and to the Concord, Sudbury and Assabet Rivers have been the bibles of New England canoists, nature-lovers, and historians for more than fifteen years.

Ron has recently written a novel, Ike, that bears the deep imprint of his distinctive bond with the outdoors.

All of Ron's books can be found here.

Visit Ron's blog about Ike here.

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