Cliff Hauptman

Many of these digital drawings are inspired by my photographs, but they contain no photographic elements and are drawn line by line, using the computer's mouse as a pen and brush. Once printed, I may further enhance the archival pigment print with pastels so that each becomes a unique, mixed-media original. 

I create these digital drawings using Adobe Illustrator. They are vector graphics, which are based on mathematical equations and can be resized to any dimension without pixilating. My digital drawings have a highly graphical quality, which becomes transformed, in varying degrees, by the application of additional details and textures in chalk pastels. The result is a colorfully saturated melding of graphic design and fine art, a changing edge where precision and impression interface.

The drawings on this page are the archival pigment prints, prior to any pastel enhancement.

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Points in Space, a book containing many of these drawings, is available from Amazon.

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