Cliff Hauptman

This picaresque first novel recounts the rowdy adventures of two hunting and fishing guides. Peppered with literary parody, poetry, short stories, and humorous episodes, the novel examines (among other themes) the discrepancies between the way our intimates see us and the persona we project for public consumption.


"What a textured, whacky, hilarious, and unique book--one only Cliff Hauptman could have written. I love The Dog-Nose Chronicles and suspect it will find legions of fans."

--Nick Lyons


"Cliff Hauptman has in The Dog-Nose Chronicles crafted a genuine American original, mixing an improbable combination of dead-on vernacular, subtle punning, sporting erudition, poetry, and some of the funniest, raunchiest, outhouse humor you will read anywhere. This book is indescribable; I loved it."

--Ed Gray


"...I've been sitting for nearly two years on probably the funniest sporting novel of the '90s....Every time I read a page my opinion goes higher. I only have a few pages left, at which point I may declare The Dog-Nose Chronicles the most humorous fly fishing/hunting novel of the last 50 years."

--Barry Serviente, The Anglers Art


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